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Emmy the Great @ the Lemon Tree - Thursday 22nd September

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TICKETS: THE LEMON TREE LOUNGE : Productions : Emmy the Great

Emmy the Great showcases tracks from her new album, Virtue.

Virtue was made in London and Sussex in collaboration with Euan Hinshelwood. Euan came up with the guitar palette, strange, ambient, twisted and atmospheric, while Emmy wrote backing vocals for different voices hysterical women, nuns and sirens, who she voiced herself. The ghosts of the Cocteau Twins and Suzanne Vega are here, as well as the stories of Margaret Atwood and Angela Carter, and the writing of cultural theorists like Marina Warner. Emmy wanted a cast for this album, to lift up the world she was trying to conjure, and kept albums in mind that have similar ambitions Neutral Milk Hotels In The Aeroplane Over The Sea; Janelle Monaes The Archandroid. While making it, she listened to girly pop like The Bangles, tempered with religious choirs, folk from the South Pacific, while Euan became obsessed with post-punk and Bulgarian choirs. They even spent a night Googling Enya.

Gareth Jones known for his work with These New Puritans, Depeche Mode and Grizzly Bear was their producer. He indulged their romanticism, but understood their wish to make the music sound precise, rather than precious. Emmy also knew she had to let go, and this was the time to do it to confront things without fear, to throw her head high, say what she thought, things she couldnt say to herself without music. Its this record, she says, thats made her feel like a person.

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