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Hi folks, me and some friends are starting a new group that's going to be gigging a mix of Rockabilly?, Doo-Wop & Rock n' Roll shortly around Aberdeen.

We want to know what you think the best and coolest name for the group would be.

Feel free to vote for the suggestion?s we have already or add your own Ideas!

A) The Alternators

B) The Straight Six

C) Soulsville

D) The Good Thieves

E) The Duo Tones

F) Less Of A Good Thing

G) The Avionics



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I went for the Straight Six. It's a type of gearbox, yeah? And the classic car / hot-rod thing will go with the kind of music you're playing - however the name will only really work if there are six of you (and you are all straight!).

Not necessarily, it could be ironic.

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So far my favourite Ideas are the Alternators and The Straight Six.

Only problem with Straight Six is there is probably only going to be 5 members and I guess I couldn't garuntee that they were all straight!

Cheers for all the votes and Ideas, very much appreciated.

Also do people think this kind of thing will go down well in Aberdeen and if so where?

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Alternators is good ... but as this is Do-Wop and Rockabilly then Alternators are to up to date they replaced Dynamos which is much more of a 50/60s device and to me a much better name for your band.

You can buy me a beer when you do your first gig, cos I like a bit of that ol Rock N Roll sound ...


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