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Tattoo places Aberdeen


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I've had two small ones done at Richards, one small one done at Draconian, a wee bit of script done at Rebel Ink and I'm in the middle of a pretty big back tattoo at Rapport (getting finished on Thursday).

Richards tattoos came out pretty well, healed fine with minimal fuss, and nearly ten years on they haven't faded or blurred at all. But I did not appreciate Jim's attitude. He was an absolute prick both times I went there and I'm pretty much done with Richards because of him.

Draconian were absolutely brilliant, Styx took the time to go through all the bits of it with me and make sure I was totally happy with the design, made suggestions on how to improve it, and was an absolute gent while he was tattooing. Can't fault the experience at all and the tattoo looks cool and gets a lot of compliments, despite only being little and more than a little effeminate ;).

Rebel Ink were great as well, I went in on the Saturday, got booked in on the Monday, got tattooed by Dika who was lovely and obviously really cared about giving a good tattoo. It didn't heal well, purely because of my own poor aftercare (I went away for a few days and forgot to take cream with me), I went back in to see them a few weeks later and she re-did the whole thing free of charge. Nice people, there was a guy in the same time as me getting his first tattoo who was terrified of needles, and the guy doing it was very reassuring and calming. Top experience, but as I say, I only got a wee bit of script done so haven't really seen their work properly. Would definitely go back though.

Rapport are very decent guys, I went in just with an idea and Jim drafted something up for me based on my description, asked me what I wanted changed, did a second draft with my changes, asked if I wanted anything else changed and so on they've both made completely sure that I'm totally happy with the design before they let me anywhere near the chair. Absolutely can't fault them on that, and the tattoo looks good so far, and very reasonably priced. Only slight criticism is that I have found them a little bit unreliable at times, they've cancelled a couple of appointments, one on the day of the tattoo, and a few times told me to come in and check the design, only for me to arrive and they haven't done it.

Those are just my experiences anyway. If you already have a design drawn out and it doesn't need much altering I'd recommend Draconian, however if you need something drawn out from scratch Rapport would get my vote.

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From older thread:

I've never been to Draconian but have seen only good work from them. Richards I liked, he worked fast, he worked very well and he didn't make awkward small talk. Retros (now Rebel Ink) I've always liked, friendly people and again good work IMO. Rock 'n' Roll have lost my vote with this thread. There's also Rapport on King St but I've heard some bad press about their work - particularly on the Draconian Bebo page (lol) there was a photo album full of awful work from Rapport that needed covered - but that was a long time ago now.. There's also Green 64 who I quite like but Nick is quite a meticulous (fucking slow) tattooist. The other guy there (Lee, I think) is apparantley much more efficient though I haven't used him myself.

Largely it depends on what kind of work you want done - different artists have different strengths: rule of thumb -

Old School/Traditional style stuff go to Draconian or Green 64 (I know Nick LOVES that kind of thing).

Bright Colours, quirky designs - Rebel Ink (or Red, Hot and Blue in Edinburgh if you fancy a trip, they are awesome).

Black/Grey work - Richard is the man.



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