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Bass Player looking for band


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Hi, I have been a student in Aberdeen for 2 years now (currently going into my 3rd year), and will be returning in late september for another year. However, I am looking to join a band. The type of music I am into is hard to pin down........Talking Heads..........Led Zep......Weather Report..........Red Hot Chili's.......Jonas Hellborg.....Mahavishnu orchestra....pink floyd

I love guitar driven bands, where guitar/bass/drum interacts, showcasing each talent. e.g. Led Zep, Chili's. Its hard trying to write this, because I like so many forms of music except maybe punk and daaaaaa-deeeee-daaaaa-deeeee guitar stuff(i.e. Blink 182 s*ite). Music has to flow, be rock/funk, whatever you call it. If I had to bracket my style, i would say funk, slap etc.

I am looking for like minded individuals 18-30, to have fun with......jam, play and later get some gigs possibly. I am currently down in Glasgow at the mo', so please feel free to reply/contact.

p.s. cannot bracket what i like, just like good music :band:

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