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Moving to Australia


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Foxhunting at Drummonds

I just watched Foxhunting at Drummonds

Joseph played a good solo set of his own compositions. Although there was only a small audience they warmly applauded each number.

He has a very strong voice and his original lyrics come across very clearly. He has a great future ahead but sadly for Aberdeen is emigrating to Australia next month.

Foxhunting hopes to slot in some more gigs before he heads down under.

Catch him if you can.

QUOTE=FOX;912653]No idea which forum to put this in.

I (foxhunting) will be relocating down under next month, so please don't book me after August. :D

Catch you on the flip side.


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It's a darn big country. And I'm recently back in Aberdeen after almost a year of playing in various bands in Melbourne, so if that was his destination, I might have been some use if he wanted to play any gigs over there.

Thanks for the thought, mate. :)

Why are you moving there?

Family is moving, we're going as a group. Might return for Uni in 2012 but that's unlikely.

Thanks too for the kind words, Graham, even if it was musically rubbish thanks to my D-string's annoying habit of snapping like a twig mid-set.

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Hey Joseph, on behalf of all @ IMP very best of luck, we will be sad not to see your music career develop further, keep playing & doing what YOU believe in. Hopefully one day b4 we retire you will play again for IMP just like the awesome sets like you did with Withered Hand, Tune-Yards & UTG in June

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