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United Fruit, Pensioner & Carson Wells @ Cafe Drummonds, 04/09/11


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Hopefully all that Radio 1 business will convince people to actually come and see Pensioner this time round. Easily one of the best bands in Scotland just now and Yearlings has a definite foothold in my albums of 2011. So good.

I think a couple of the previous gigs have suffered from poor promo, we'll do our bit and get some folk down. Not seen United fruit so pretty pumped for this

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Oh dear, this is real soon! Should be a wonderful night, we just need to hit the practice room. It will be fine :up:

I'm extra psyched about it as I havn't been to/ played a gig in way too long. Its always a pleasure to play with Pensioner. Great lads, all the best etc.

This is their album: Pensioner and its real good (great lads all the best).

So, the pros are: a great night of entertainment, beer, sexy rockstars, a chance to purchase your very own Pensioner album and great lads.

Cons: people thinking you're too cool to talk to 'cause you're at such a hip and happenin' gig.

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I thought Carson Wells played well last night – no rust showing after a few months of not playing together. It was fucking loud.

Pensioner were great. I had caught a couple of their songs last time they played with CW up here and without disliking them hadn’t been overly impressed. Last night their whole set was quality. They use some great vocal melodies and harmonies as well as having some beasting metal riffs in amongst the twiddly madness and time changes. The drummer was mind blowingly good.

I only stayed for two songs of United Fruit as I was tired and the musical style seemed quite similar to the two bands before but perhaps less accomplished and interesting. There’s only so much that my brain and ears can take on a Sunday evening so it may just be their position on the bill that made me think that.

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