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Westboro Baptist Church are coming to Aberdeen.


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WBC will picket the Church of Scotland Ecumenical Autumn

Conference, Friday, Oct. 28, Edinburgh, in warning: GOD WILL DROPKICK YOUR LYING FALSE PROPHETS INTO HELL!

WBC will picket Queens Cross Church, Sunday, Oct. 30, Aberdeen,


The Scotsman reports the Church of Scotland the Kirk has decided to

dialogue about letting fags and dykes be preachers.

US church targets Kirk stand on gays - Scotsman.com

What? Are you people crazy? And you let nasty practicing fags called

Affirmation Scotland in the room to shape the question? Vomit-and-fecescoated dog Rev. Scott Rennie, an open fag running a whorehouse

masquerading as a church in Aberdeen, is large and in charge, telling the

Kirk what doctrine to have about fags. Have you lost your mind? What part

of Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination,

(Lev. 18:22) dont you understand? What part of They who do such things

are worthy of death (Rom. 1:32) is unclear to you lying whore false

prophets? No same-sex relationships, you murdering merciless bastards!

Thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that make my people err,

that bite with their teeth, and cry, Peace; and he that putteth not into

their mouths, they even prepare war against him. Therefore night shall

be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you,

that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and

the day shall be dark over them. Micah 3:5-6


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No one actually listens to what these guys say and thinks to themselves 'ya know, they might just have a point here'. Not even in Americaland. No one cares about what they bang on about so there's little point in getting outraged or disgusted by them. They aren't worth the bile.

That's not true. I just had a read and a lot of what they say makes sense. I mean, if my teachers say that Moses said that God said (up a mountain, where noone was around to corroborate) that fags should all be killed with fire, who are we to disagree?

I think I'll go protest the fags and dykes, too. I mean, what could someone with a different sexual preference from me possibly know about God? First the Blacks, now this. What next?? MUSLIM PRIESTS?!!?


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