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TURNING 13 supporting CURATORS (Edinburgh) / Fri 23 Sept - 'Release Your Kraken'

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Friday 23rd September @ the Moorings Bar, Fudge Aberdeen present:


Curators | Facebook

Curators formed in Edinburgh from the ashes of various bands in late 2008, winning

great reviews and support from Is This Music?, Jim Gellatly, Vic Galloway and

various blogs, as well as airplay across the country, including Radio 1.

The band emerged with Is This A Private Fight?, a record that made number 3 in Jockrocks albums of 2010 list. Heres what people have been saying about it:

"Anthemic stadium rock" - Vic Galloway, Radio 1

"Perfectly executed guitar tunes big on anthemic choruses and catchy hooksif you dont like this album youre probably already deaf" - Is This Music?

Real Hot-Rod-from-Transformers-the-Movie-opening-the-matrix-to-save-the-day stuffCurators have seen the skinny boy sharp haircut guitar template that gets you on the cover of NME, laughed at it, set fire to the landfill and got on with the task in hand Pet Piranha

"This band are one of the revelations of the yearthe best new Scottish band to emerge this year" - Kowalskiy

"For the more discerning/bookish/reflective among you, it seems futile to try to resist the charm of this band" - Scotsman Radar

"Is This A Private Fight? offers up an impossibly consistent batch of stadium-ready anthems with the kinds of choruses most bands only write a handful of times in a career" - Daily Dischord


Turning13 | Facebook

A dynamic four-piece Aberdeen band whose debut single, String She Pulled,

is packed with enormous riffs, moods that flit from light to shade, and

impassioned vocals, are powering out of their hometown to take on the world.

They mix Fugazi, Deftones, and Far, and recently won 'Best Live Band' and

'Best Punk Act' at the Fudge Music Awards 2011


First act onstage at 9pm, second at 10pm. Over 18 only.

Plus! Our rotating monthly clubnight RELEASE YOUR

KRAKEN, where the Kraken DJ Duo will be tag-teaming

their way through the cream of rock, metal, punk, indie,

grunge, pop and stoner from the past forty or fifty years.

It could end quite literally anywhere, musically speaking.

Largely depends how much jager they drink.

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest corners of the darkest

continents! Our own brand Ale! A ninja doorman! A vast

huge selection of draft beers! Proper ciders! T-shirts! Chess!

The legendary jukebox! A colourful cast of regulars! Karaoke!

Connect Four! CAMRA discount! Student discount! There's

even a bloody PIRATE discount if you look the part...

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About!

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