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*Another* guitarist looking for Progressive Rock band


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Grim seems to be terrible for getting back to people, so until then I'm looking to get together an Aberdeen based gigging progressive rock band.

I play guitar well and sing ok, looking for a bassist and drummer, and possibly another guitarist(change rhythm/lead depending on song), keyboard player, singer, Saxophonist, flute player, any exotic instrument get in touch, they don't call it progressive for nothing!

I have a vast collection of material written, tons of ideas for medleys/covers/gig surprises, all we need are maybe 3 weeks and we'll be gig-ready.

Me? I'm a guitarist with 8 years experience, I run a music blog and site for lyric writing and composition ideas, and through that I've connected with plenty of similar-styled bands across the country. I've been a long-time theory nerd so I'm not afraid to add an exotic tritone or minor 6th if the song demands it. Been playing to odd time signatures so much I have the number 1 guitar lesson on Youtube.(damn right I'm bragging :D)

from the other post,

My influences are Dream Theater, King Crimson, Soft Machine, Diagonal (new guys, check em out DIAGONAL | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos), The Mars Volta, Opeth, Yes(of course!), Tool, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa. From off the top of my head anyway. full list at metropolis_pt_2s Music Profile Users at Last.fm

My philosophy with music is to always have a twist, as soon as a band comprimises it's sound for the 'norm' it fades into every other band afraid to break new ground. That's why I'm a natural prog head. I'm not expecting technical super gods of prog, but If you can handle an odd time signature or 2 that would be fantastic. The music I've written already has all the structures and lyrics in place, though you'd be most welcome to change whatever part you're playing to suit your way of playing.

If you're interested, email me,

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@Old Gold: Directed by Stephen Spielberg

It's true, you can be the tightest band in the world but as long as you don't have your own sound you'll always be that band that sounds like someone else. Writing what no-one else does is scary, because you're the only one doing it! Think Marty Mcfly's guitar solo in BTTF

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