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FS: Ovation Celebrity


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Selling my Ovation as all shes doing is apart from collecting dust is look good.

No dents, dings and the only scratches are hairline and are very hard to spot even under direct sunlight. This guitars spent most its life either in its case or on a stand. Has a built in tuner, EQ and battery warning light. The only wear this guitar has is the gold plating on the tuner heads has discoloured but this is trait all ovations with gold tuners share. If anything it adds to the look of the guitar. Ill give her a good clean if anyone takes her.

Ill throw in a 30 softcase and free delivery to the city centre :up:

No swaps, just sensible offers. If you'd like any more pics just ask. Ive included a link to my soundcloud which has a track with this guitar playing away. Its a old track with idea's but you'll get to hear what she sounds like plugged in. Its just guitar and click track.


Soundcloud Link

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