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Awesome gigs I wish I was at.


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I've always wanted to go to Fluff Fest - one day I'll get there.

It hasn't happened yet, but I'm gutted I'll be missing the Pageninetynine Document#8 reunion show they're doing really soon.

Also the original Hopesfall lineup are playing two shows this weekend and only playing the Frailty of Words/No Wings to Speak Of material, but it's in North Carolina.

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I was at that. Fly Pan Am played as well. 'Twas an incredible night.

Oh you were actually AT that show, rather than wishing you were? Get your own thread, noodlearms.


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Also...inb4 GY!BE and Sigur Ros @ Lemon Tree

That night, remember it well, it was so busy in the Lemon Tree that night but some people near the back didn't really know anything about the bands and spoke for most of the Sigur Ross gig, so i kind of had to move to near the front as doing my head in. Good gig indeed though, think it was a warm-up gigs they was doing before All Tomorrows Parties which i went to see them as well.

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