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Fri 9 Sep = M.I.N.E. + Xtreme Machine (plus DJ Beard Fury)

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Friday 9th September at the Moorings Bar, Fudge Aberdeen present:


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Based in Aberdeen, grungey rockers MINE reformed in 2008 after

a positive reaction to a one off charity performance. Now recording

an album, they are inspired by 90s rock such as Pearl Jam, Alice

In Chains, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots. Always a tight-

assed musical outfit who like to put on a show, they'll be leaving

the stage drenched in sweat and your appretiation.


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Heavy blues-rock all the way from Stonehaven. If you like your

music with a gnarled, dangerous edge and a few cover versions

thrown in for good measure, drag your weary body down to the

bar for about 9pm and check the fivesome out.

First act onstage 9pm. Strictly 18+ only. DJ BEARD FURY

will play allsorts of punk, rock, metal, indie, stoner, beats and

pop until 3am. But nae requests after 2am: there'll be no time!

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest reaches of the deepest,

very darkest continents! A ninja bouncer! A vast selection of

draft beers, including our own brand real ale! Four proper ciders!

T-shirts! Chess! Draughts, possibly, if you can manufacture a

couple of missing peices... The legendary jukebox! A colourful

cast of regular drinkers! Karaoke on Wednesdays! Connect Four!

CAMRA discount! Student discount! Even PIRATE discount!

"The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About"

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