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jimstock 2011

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Hey guys, I'm heading in to speak to the council and police at Queen Street Station on tuesday about the feasibility of JIMSTOCK. Just wanted to see if any of you would be interested in helping out with the organising, this is a charity festival so the work would be unpaid but it'll be great experience and a great chance to put on an up and coming festival in Aberdeen! Any suggestions, ideas are greatly appreciated as well! Here's a link to the facebook page Jimstock 2011 | Facebook


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If I may, the last update on Facebook (02/08/11) was -

"The meeting with the council and police today went very well. They are extremely supportive and it looks like Jimstock as a brand and festival will continue to grow each year. Realistically an outdoor festival is not feasible this year with the limited timescale we have. We are currently looking at 1000 capacity venues (our original target audience) in Aberdeen in which to hold the festival this year.

Jimstock 2012 will hopefully be an outdoor event, but for this year we are hopeful we could have everything in place for December. So if you are still interested in playing and are available at the start of December please get in touch. Again this is a charity festival so if anyone has any ideas on raising funds, please get in touch..."

Looking most likely to be the Beach Ballroom, I think.

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