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[RELEASE] 10 Easy Wishes - "Goodbye Forever...Probably" name-your-price download

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FINALLY, after nearly twelve long months, Tuff Wax Records are pleased to announce the release of the 10 Easy Wishes live LP - "Goodbye Forever...Probably" via a digital 'name your price' download.

This was recorded at 10 Easy Wishes' last ever show at Drummonds on 20th August last year and mixed by the wonderful Iain Macpherson (Bedford Records).


Track Listing:

1- An Historic Event

2- Gone 2 Japan

3- He Likes to Go Away

4- Kites

5- My Friend Dan

6- Hamish and the Cat Monster

7- Fowl Play at the Northern

8- The Tale of the Man with a Tail

9- The Clinic

10- The Tale of Hamish McLure

11- Trees on Fire

12- Samantha Marson

13 - (encore)

Download Link:

TWX-002: Goodbye Forever...Probably (Live, August 20th 2010) Digi-LP | Tuff Wax Records

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

yeah, that was the original plan but costs were going to be ridiculous. we decided a better use of our funds would be to press up something other than a defunct band, so we did.

please everyone, enjoy this and if you think it's worth a quid or two feel free to chuck them our way. despite this being available for nothing if the customer so chooses, it did cost us several hundred pounds to record and mix.

thanks and goodbye from 10 easy wishes. please enjoy our current and future projects:


The Deportees

lockah's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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Of course it's cool, thanks for that! :)

See my signature for stuff you can buy...the BLP and Lockah releases are 7" singles with an immediate digital download, so you can listen straight away and your copy of the vinyl will be sent out to ye.

There are also t-shirts, but they are not digital. It would be cool if they were.

All from here: Tuff Wax Records


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Just bought this for 3. Is that too cheap? Probably. Feel like I should have paid more but I have no money :down:

When you can have it for nothing, paying anything is a good price.

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