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Marshall Amps, Music Man Bass + More to be won!

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The Scottish New Music Awards have teamed up with several companies including Marshall Amplification, Music Man Basses, Vintage Guitars and several more each donating a prize for the winner of several of the music awards.

In order to be eligible to win one of these awesome prizes, each band or act needs to get their information to the offices of The Scottish New Music Awards by July 31st.

Individuals or groups are encouraged to make nomination submissions on behalf of themselves in the following categories:


1. Artist of the Year

2. Group of the Year

3. Jazz/Blues Recording of the Year

4. Alternative/Indie Recording of the Year

5. Folk/Traditional Recording of the Year

6. Cover/Function Band of the Year

7. Rock Recording of the Year

8. Loud/Metal Recording of the Year

9. Punk Recording of the Year

10. Urban Recording of the Year

11. Record of the Year

The Nominee must have been born in SCOTLAND, lived in SCOTLAND for a period of at least two consecutive years in his/her lifetime or have lived in SCOTLAND for a period of at least six consecutive months within the past five years.

For bands/groups, at least 50% of members must comply with the above Residency Requirements. Proof of the above requirements may be required.

The nominee must have released a Recording (CD, Cassette, LP) to radio or retail or online or through a record release party between July 31, 2009 and June 30, 2011.

VERY LIMITED TICKETS are available to the public through Tickets Scotland (Tickets Scotland) and for more information please check scottish music awards, set up to recognise the music scene in Scotland.

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