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Robert Knight at Drummonds

Graham Knight

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I have just got home after seeing Robert Knight (no relation) at Drummonds.

Apart from one tune, his solo set consisted entirely of Robert's own compositions.

In the first number he cleverly worked in a reference to "meeting you at Cafe Drummonds."

His second number was the well known, "Poppy 18 from Somerset" - inspired by a Page 3 girl who Robert liked. His introduction told how Poppy herself liked the lyrics and has been friendly with Robert ever since.

The best quip of the evening was Roberts saying "Playing an intro is like foreplay - not always necessary - then he went into the surprise number of the night - one that written more than 50 years ago when it was considered to be quite risqu : Sixty Minute Man.

"Sixty Minute Man" had the ladies in the audience whooping and hollering - it was a good evening's entertainment.

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Thanks Graham for coming down.

This is a little last minute but I've been added to the Acoustic night @ Tunnels tonight. So if you don't have anything on head on down. Also playing are:






Doors 4. Starts @ 7.30.

No idea the running order as I only got the gig the other day.

P.S. If folk want to add me on facebook I can be found here: Robert David Knight | Facebook

I try to keep folk updated.

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