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Portable amp head with clean headroom

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I think the thread title says it all. Can folk recommend a low wattage amp head with a very clean channel? My Marshall combo is just too tempremental now (see JoA gig nightmares) so I'd be keen to invest in something else. I know Matamp do nice low wattage head, but it could be hella dear. Ideally, I'd just want something with a Fenderish clean sound, I'm not interested in blazing valve distortions.

Thanks in advance!


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how low a wattage are you thinking about? the influx of low wattage amp ie 5 watts are so you can get the saturated overdrive at lower volumes. the higher the wattage the higher the head room

I'd dare say that 30 watts is plenty for gigging, 15 watts if it's a class A amp. The reason for wanting a small head is that they're so portable and usually quite basic, I don't need lots of channels and various options since my pedalboard has so much going on.

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