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Bass Player looking to join/form Rock band


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I'm looking to join/form a rock band to write and play original songs. I love playing gigs and want a band that can really put on a great show.

Style wise something old school rock like with big rhythms and mega choruses. I like a lot of heavy rock like Queens of the stone age, Kyuss, Orange Goblin but also the classic rock stuff like Hawkwind, Zeppilin and Sabbath. Also a bit of a Kasabian and PJ Harvey fan to bring a lighter edge to the influences. Anything blues based rock like really.

Unfortunately I'm not a great songwriter so would like to hook up with someone who can help out with that slightly important part! I get heaps of ideas but stuggle getting them on the frets. I play to perform, I just want to put on the best live show possible without a mega stage prop budget!!

Bass wise I've about 5 years playing experience but played guitar for several years previous to that. I also do a bit of backing vocals though I've only been singing for 8months, currently attending lessons.

I have own gear and transport (I've a large car squeezed the previous band and equipment in the back!) Experienced in gigging in Aberdeen and a couple of out of town shows.

This would be a purely "for fun" project, no aspiration other than being the best live band possible and playing gigs when we can and where we want. :rockon:

Send me a PM if your interested!

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