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Life of Agony frontman to become a woman, man!

Johnny Mac

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Something I've always wanted to know about transsexuals that I don't fancy googling at work is...what sexuality are they? If a man has an op to become a woman or vice versa (if this happens) who would they seek as a partner or is this not consistent? Are their partners gay men or straight men who are ok with the fact their girl used to be a boy?

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what sexuality are they?

It's nothing to do with sexuality; it's about gender identity. If you can get your head around the fact that the two aren't connected you'll be a lot closer to understanding the issue.

Some people simply believe they are in the wrong body - it's not about what sex they're attracted to.

I have no problem with Keith wanting a sex change but I worry if he's taking hormones they will effect his voice. The most important thing is whatever makes him (soon to be her) happy.

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