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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2


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Anyone else heading to a midnight showing? Excited? Upset that it's all coming to an end? Surely I can't be the only Harry Potter fan around these parts?


I for one am heading along to the Belmont's midnight screening. I'm going to the showing of Part 1 beforehand as well. Mentally prepare myself and all that.

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I'm not too attached to the films, but I do always go to see them in the cinema. I think I'm dragging davidm to the midnight showing at the Belmont tonight too as it should be quite fun. Have never been to a first showing for any of the Potter films, so would quite like to for the final one just 'cos...

I'm mainly excited because this film is going to be heavily Rickman-based. Swoon!

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The epilogue did not translate well to the screen. Which is odd because they showed that they can do 'true to the book' in the Forbidden Forest and King's Cross scenes. However, I was fairly ambivalent towards the epilogue in the book, so eh. The rest of the movie was awesome enough that I'm not really that miffed about it. Here are some thoughts that I cut and paste from my blog since I'm really tired and going to bed now:

Alan Rickman. All of the fucking awards. Blew it out of the motherfucking water. The way he breaks down when he sees Lilys body, the way he just fucking holds it and sobs like his life is over. The raw fucking emotion when he is pleading with Dumbledore to protect her and devastated because he couldnt. When he tells Harry he has his mothers eyes just before he dies, and when he tells Dumbledore Always. I was in fucking floods and I still tear up thinking about it. Alan Rickmans performance as Snape throughout the series has been excellent but tonight he just fucking kicked it up a million notches.

Professor Minerva McGonagall. Way to marshal the fucking stone soldiers and get giddy about it, you class fucking bad ass dame. You rocked. Telling students to blow shit up because you know they love it.

Molly Weasley. You got the biggest round of applause. Way to just fucking obliterate Bellatrix. You duel like a demon and struck the fear of god into someone who doesnt get scared.


Dan Rad. This was the best acting youve done in any of the movies. Same goes for you Miss Watson.

RIP Fred, Tonks, Remus, Lavender, the wee Imperiused goblin, not you Griphook you grippy cunt, Severus Motherfucking Snape.

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She looks a bit like a lesbian, to be honest.


It's been so long since I read the books so I found it to be an amazing ending to the films. Then the epilogue and that ruined the ending.

How come BTTF can make people look older really well and HP7P2 couldn't? We're moving backwards, not forwards.

Anyway, yeah, decent film. Decent acting. A few geeky laughs and a few geeky tears. Pretty good.

I didn't cry by the way

Well, not out my eyes anyway

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The ending was completely ridiculous but I can see why big fans would like to see that sort of ending.

Wasn't so ridiculous in the book, to be fair - I think it just translates badly to screen.

Particularly Harry's not-yet-all-that-broken voice...

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