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[RELEASE] Aberdeen Truth Vol. 1: Lockah 7" - record release & label showcase

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

TUFF WAX kicks off its brand new collectible coloured 7" series, 'Aberdeen Truth' with an offering from label boss LOCKAH!

Vibrant but criminally unrecognised, Aberdeen's underground is beginning to seethe with creativity, as a new wave of electronic producers exhibit their uniquely local interpretations of club styles encompassing hip hop, techno, bassline, grime, dubstep, house & UK garage influences. The 'Aberdeen Truth' series documents the debut offerings from some of the better known desk-jockeys currently producing & DJing inside and out of the granite city.

On LOCKAHs offering, Mr Wizard lumbers its way into 8-bit arpeggio synth chords, booming 808s and chopped & screwed hip-hop vocals while the flip boasts two digi-rap beats for the club featuring throbbing basslines, bitcrushed claps and swagger on tap.

'Aberdeen Truth Vol. 1 - Lockah' is released on limited clear 7" vinyl & free digital download on Monday, July 25th.

Stream a teaser clip HERE

You can stream each track in full and pre-order the record HERE

Also, to launch the series/single, we're having a showcase at Snafu on Friday the 22nd of July, featuring the producers behind the forthcoming series: Lockah, Yoin, Grobbie and Bones & Money. Facebook event HERE

For more info and links on our label, please see below.


Tuff Wax Records


Tuff Wax Records | Facebook


Tuff Wax Records's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

YouTube - ‪TuffWaxRecords's Channel‬‏

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Guest Tam o' Shantie
I'll check the mix tonight/later, I'm extra curious, as I consider myself one of the previous wave of underground electronic producers (slow wing), and I've been too lazy/self-absorbed to look up any of that biznizz. Good to see people delivering on their ideas, something I've been a bit remiss in.

hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised man, i sometimes worry that the way we're talking about this comes across as disrespectful to the previous producers in aberdeen who no doubt created some brilliant stuff back in the day. the point is more that not one of us dudes knew a friend, big brother or anything who introduced us to this type of culture & showed us how to get started. we are wanting to just express ourselves and show that anyone can get involved. the rules of club music are changing in certain parts of this country. it's not about house or hip hop or anything getting played straight out in this scene anymore for us, at our nights we play any of that stuff, grime, bassline, garage, house, soul, r&b, rap, uk funky...etc...etc....etc. the lines are so blurred these days.

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