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Clarence Clemons has a stroke


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Yes, it was on IMBD's splash page. Damn shame.

In a moment of utter weirdness this morning, I picked up book of album covers that someone got me for my birthday, opened it up randomly and the page was "Born To Run", where The Boss is standing with his Telecaster leaning on an unseen guy's back...Clarence Clemons!

Gave me a shiver.

RIP Clarence.

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Last thing he recorded was a SHITE Lady Gaga song. I remember seeing him with The Boss at Hampden either last year or the year before. Great show, great guy. Sad.

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Aye, sad news indeed. Can't really see how Springsteen could continue with the "classic" E-Street setup after this as Clarence's playing is a huge part of many of the songs - sure you can get another Sax player but it wouldn't be the same as the guy you've stood beside for the best part of 40 years.

Anyway - some nice clips to remember him by...

Clarence Clemons' Best Saxophone Solos: E Street Band Legend Dies At 69

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