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Pedals for sale and pedals wanted


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TC Electronics Nova Modulator -

TC Electronic Nova Modulator houses two brand new effects plus all of TC's acclaimed modulation effects, and its dual engine design allows for endless combinations to inspire creativity. Nova Modulator offers seven studio quality modulation effects; chorus, the new tri-chorus, flanger, the new through-zero-flanger, phaser, tremolo, and an upgraded vibrato.

According to GAK rrp 246 sell for 115

EHX nano clone

A wonderfully natural, and truly analogue chorus pedal with exceptional quality of tone. Build quality of Electro Harmonix pedals is top notch and the circuitry is spot on.



mxr phase 90 - preferably script but will consider block version

A reverb pedal

May trade 'selling' items for 'wanted' items so try me.


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Hi, yes i would consider it. Is it the mod with the script button? is the pedal boxed? condition?

The tc electronics is boxed and comes with psu. I have also attached velcro.

What kinda deal did you have in mind? What were you trying to sell the mxr for?



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TC electronics pedal now sold.

EHX nano clone (chorus pedal) still for sale 15

@ imprinted - reverb pedal looks good but some1 else selling verbzilla for same price - seems a more versatile pedal than the chicklet. Any budge in price?

the Verbzilla's designed to do a lot of things, averagely. Whereas the Malekko's quieter and does the Spring Reverb thing perfectly.

How about 60

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