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Getting Gigs Outside of Aberdeen


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Hi Folks,

HellHouse have played a few gigs around Aberdeen and would like to start playing further afield (without going on a tour, so driving there and back in a day). Was wondering what experience the others on this forum had with doing this sort of thing. Also doesn't necessarily have to be a city......

Did you just phone up and pester them until you got a gig? What venues did you find were decent for bands that have zero following in these places? Any experienced tips for doing this sort of thing?

Thanks in advance for all your replies


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Make yourself a bio pack, (description of your band, photos, perhaps some reviews and a couple of links to tracks you have available) and then you're at least heading in the right direction.

Phoning up is fine but it's best to e-mail, if you're dealing with a decent promoter with any level of quality control they will at least listen to your band (which often helps!) before offering you a show. Thing to remember here is that promoters from other cities are almost always going to prefer using a local act as a support band so it's maybe best to try and get on a bill with fairly established acts local to the cities you're looking to play.

There are a couple of venues which spring to mind that will offer you gigs as soon as you get in touch. The ones that spring to mind are Box in Glasgow and Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh, I'm not saying you should play either of these places but if you're looking for out of town gigs just for the sake of playing Glasgow and Edinburgh then they're a pretty safe bet.

But yeah, make a bio pack and find e-mail addresses on venue/promoter's websites.

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