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RIP - Gil Scott-Heron


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Guest Giles Walker

He actually played at Lifestyle before i was a resident, apparently he was a really nice guy.

He did get a bit peeved at the lights being so bright and hot in the Lemon Tree and repeatedly asked for them to be lowered which was ignored by the lighting guy who was on some sort of work experience or something. Eventually he pointed at him and said "turn the motherfucking lights down mother fucker!" and upset the poor kid.

We tried to book him again in 2002 or 2003, but it was when he got arrested in the flophouse with 3 crack pipes and shipped off to jail. I was so glad i finally got to see him last year, i did see him in 2001 in Hackney, but i was spinning out on drugs and a bit freaked still from the Parliament show i had just watched and barely remember it.

His albums used to get played on repeat in the Wild Boar when i worked there in '99/00. I really associate his music with what i thought was quite a golden period of Aberdeen clubbing. I remember seeing Gordon Ritchie playing 'Johannesburg' in Glow303 and doing a call response thing with the "What's the word!" "Johannesburg" section of the record. I used to play the 12" mix of "The Bottle" a lot in my disco sets back then, mixing it into the live version sometimes to extend it.

I remember i initially found his music insightful and often heartbreaking due in part to just how personal he made the subject sound. Grandma's Hands and Home Is Where The Hatred Is being prime examples of how moving and effecting his words can be when you know he is talking from personal experience. Likewise i always found the Esther Phillips version of Home Is... just as touching knowing that she met a tragic end after years of self destructive drug abuse.

Esther Phillips Version

I was very sad to learn of his passing and have been listening to his music a lot over the last few days. Here are a few of his songs for anyone who is not familiar with his work.

Pieces Of A Man

B Movie

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Guest droid

The first time he played in Aberdeen @ the Venue was the one,around 86.It was a roadblock and the band absolutely kicked ass.Last year's show @ the Warehouse was a bit disappointing IMO. RIP Gil

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touched to hear so many good words said about the man.

as we're reminiscing - I've seen him a few times since the 80's but remember the impact he had from sitting on the edge of the stage at the music hall (mid 90's maybe, they all merge into one) unassuming while his band kick off, smiling at the audience before he gets up and cranks off.

as was said a flawed but great song writer. Lady day and john coltrane playing at the jazz cafe.

all getting heavy play at the mo......

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