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Trident - worse than pointless?

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I don't know why that would give you a fresh perspective on the matter, unless you hadn't previously considered it at all. These claims concerning the operational independence of Trident are as vague and baseless as they are tired. If there are no permissive action links on the Trident missile system, and the British Prime Minister ultimately takes the decision, or leaves instructions in his absence, then it is an operationally independent system.

We also share military assets like satellites and depend heavily on the US for reconnaissance support and their deep strategic reserves, long range precision bombing etc. as was evident in the recent and ongoing Libya campaign. Trident is hardly the only way they 'twist our arm' in our role as 'junior partner' or whatever nauseating description the politicians want to give our relationship. We're just as buggered if they don't feel like shipping us our Tomahawks and (when they finally get their shit together) our brand new STOVLs for our shiny new aircraft carrier.

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