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Broken Beat Blues/folk Drummer Seeks North Aberdeenshire Musicians

Just Matt

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I'm a relatively inexperienced drummer staying near turriff. I'm looking for like minded folk for jamming and who knows a gig or two maybe.

I love to play to the blues and its many bastard offspring music genres. Influences ... Black Keys, Zeppelin, John lee Hooker,etc, etc your fairly standard mix of blues and rock. I also have a great love of folk, in particular US folk but also Scottish roots too. If anyone is interesetd in throwing any or all of this about the place give me a shout. I'm early 30's just to warn any young folk who may get scared away by a near middle aged dude trying to reclaim his youth ( no touching jokes please!)

The reason I'm looking for chaps and chappettes in North Aberedeenshire is coz I come with the added bonus of a free venue so I would like to have jams/practice sessions up in Turra

Anyways enough waffling.

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Hi just Matt, just seen your ad. I'm a very mature and experienced bass player and singer rock, blues, pop and more. Very used to pubs, clubs and functions. I'm located near Fraserburgh looking for good/keen musicians with a view to gigging. Playing is fun but getting a bit of pay is that bit better. If you are interested in giving it a whirl, e-mail me on polson@btinternet.com.


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