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Dizzy Storm

BOOMHAUER (finland) energetic garage rock - SUN 15TH AUG

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BOOMHAUER http://koti.mbnet.fi/b-hauer

are a rollercoaster ride of wild country punk fun, energetic garage rock, clever pop moments and trashy white boy blues licks. Kind of Jon Spencer meets Jonathan Richman meets AC/DC. and yet nothing like it.

Boomhauer are first and foremost known as a live band, a cartoon rock trio from hell that exists purely to entertain and make people happy. There are plenty of things that people remember from Boomhauer gigs. There are the short 90 second bursts they call songs. There are the cryptic rantings of the puzzling, sympathetically manic frontman in between songs, kind of motormouth stand-up comedy gone seriously wrong. There is the big guy behind the drums looking like a buddha in electroshock and the freaky bass player who looked like he had walked on stage by accident, but decided to stay as it sounded interesting. And there is the frontman playing the guitar lying on the floor, standing on top of the bass drum, running among the audience, on his kneesThere sure are reasons to remember them.

with support from RADIO LUCIFER & KEN HUTCHIN



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