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CRA/CKED Opening Sound and Video Art Exhibition

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Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to CRA/CKED, my first solo art exhibition with a significant visual element (don't worry there's still PLENTY of sound!)

I'll be showing four new works involving data bent video games, corrupted videos codecs, a 17 TV sculpture playing video and sound from remote controls, and layered videos from over 100 looped Blues records played on an old faulty record player.

The exhibition opens on Friday the 13th (6 to 8pm) at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland, and will feature performances by Patrick Keenan, Ross Whyte, and myself on live electronics. CRA/CKED runs through June 25th for those of you who can't make the opening.

For more information, feel free to contact me directly or visit Peacocks at: CRA/CKED - Launch Fri 13 May 6-8pm - Aberdeen's Centre for Contemporary Art. Gallery exhibitions, printmaking, photography, film & video, digital media

Thanks, and I hope to see you there!




soundasart : SoundasArt


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