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Its like hiding a secret to maintain some impression to those you know wont accept this simple fact.

are you sure you don't mean you're agnostic rather than an atheist? atheists specifically don't believe in any god. at all.

also, everyone likes kick ass. it's an awesome movie!

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How is this possible? I borrowed your Godfather boxset because I had never watched them.

Another confession....I liked Godfather 3 more than Godfather 1.

Are you that cunt off the advert?

I've never heard a Fugazi song either, which is amazing when you consider that they are the best band ever.

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Never saw any of the Godfathers. Saw some of it and I completely agree with Peter Griffin. And the Don is hard to understand.

I probably would like them if I watched them the whole way through.

I don't have a few hours to spend watching them.

I could probably make some time, I just can't be arsed.

My arms hurt from the gym two nights ago.

But my legs don't.

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