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tUnE-yArDs (4AD) + Thousands (Bella Union) + Foxhunting @ The Tunnels, 14 June

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it gives interesting music promotions immense pleasure to announce:

tUnE-yArDs (4AD) + Thousands (Bella Union) + Foxhunting

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Tunnels (Room 1), Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm

Tickets 8+bf in adv / 9 on door

Available from One-Up Records, Belmont Street, Aberdeen. Phone (01224) 642662 or http://www.ticketweb.co.uk

* Please use One-Up Records for your ticket purchases / CDs etc - use them or lose them! Also, see those tickets, they are one-offs, ask Titch!



tUnE-yArDs (4AD)

After two attempts to get tUnE-yArDs to Aberdeen, its third time lucky because Merrill Garbis is about to explode on to the live scene with her second long play. Her live shows are, we believe, the stuff of legend, being completely and utterly amazing. So much so, she has tried to recreate her live vibe on record with her new release touring the world with a full band.




lots of links from here >> http://drownedinsound.com/releases/14883/reviews/4138426

We are currently awaiting confirmation of a tour support...

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fresh off the press ref SXSW

Glasser and Tune-Yards at SXSW 2011 - review | Culture | guardian.co.uk

Glasser and Tune-Yards at SXSW 2011 - review

Hard to describe, outlandish and powerful - the music of Glasser and Tune-Yards leaves Tim Jonze scraping his jaw off the floor

There comes a time during everyone's SXSW trip when it all gets to be a bit too much. Your eyelids start to close, your belly rejects the 213th piece of fried chicken, and your brain threatens to go loco if it takes in another white 20-something in a plaid shirt discussing The King of Limbs. With this in mind, I probably wasn't well placed when my own personal crash came at the Pitchfork showcase surrounded by, well, you guessed it. It's testament, then, to the music at Central Presbyterian Church that the two shows I caught became my highlights of the whole week.

Glasser - AKA LA's Cameron Mesirow - didn't so much stand at the altar as sway and pirouette there. On record, this music is hard to pin down, so much so that even party hosts Pitchfork struggled, settling for "tropical pop, tribal percussion, and a couple of different strains of electronic music." Her influences span the globe, but watching her deliver the finished product with such crystal clarity is enough to shake any knackered music hack out of a chicken-induced slumber.

Another girl with a penchant for global pop is Tune-Yards but, again, this music - a combination of vocal loops, colliding polyrhythms, and traditional string strumming - feels like nothing but her own unique creation. Glance around the church and you can tell who hasn't caught the Merrill Garbus live experience before; their faces are awestruck.Garbus certainly has a charming presence on stage. "You deserve better than that," she says at one point after the giddy combination of rhythms she's constructed to open a song doesn't quite sync. These tiny errors help make the show - proving that this is a human, not a machine, at work. Another mistake occurs during the intro to My Country, the opening track on forthcoming album Whokill, but the song is such an exercise in dragging art out of cacophony - I especially like the skronking TV on the Radio-style horns - that you're left amazed she ever got it up and running at all. Perhaps the highlight of the whole thing was when Garbus falsettoed into such outlandish Minnie Riperton-esque territory that the crowd whooped and broke out into delirious rounds of applause. The audience played its part in the rhythm section too, as each song ended with a well-timed thud. This thud was the sound of a churchload of jaws hitting the floor. A truly religious experience.

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Delighted to confirm that support will come from Thousands (Bella Union)!

Thousands is the name of Seattle duo Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman whose beguiling debut album, The Sound Of Everything, is one of the gentlest, most tender records youll ever hear; just two entwined voices, exquisite acoustic guitar and a very occasional harmonium. Oh, and sounds from nature; bird calls, falling leaves, blowing wind and natural reverb are all present, underlining the organic creation of Thousands songs and their surreal, nature-focused lyrics.

Thousands came to Bella Unions attention via Fleet Foxes guitarist Skye Skjelset, who is a friend of the pair, and the duo are both are long-standing members of Seattles heralded underground scene. When the bands initial home recordings didnt feel right, Kristian and Luke decided to travel around Oregon and Washington looking for interesting or inspiring places to record. To get away from the sterile sounds we were achieving at home, and to offer something with a real sense of place. We want people to listen to this with headphones on and feel like they're immersed in these locations, and there's us, sitting next to you, playing a song. The field recordings led them across the Pacific Northwest; to Luke's family's cabin on the Oregon coast, the banks of the Columbia River, abandoned barns and old farmhouses.

At times the music of Thousands echoes Fleet Foxes hymnal beauty. But the overriding feel shares some of the hushed simplicity of Elliott Smith and Simon and Garfunkel, fused to the finger-picking dexterity of John Fahey and Bert Jansch. But dont let the simplest of acoustic formats hide the deep well of emotion inside. The Sound Of Everything is all about the human voice and heartbeat, the purity of sound, capturing a specific place at an exact moment; in other words, the sound of everything that matters.



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PumaJaw cannot now make the tUnE-yArDs show. Replacement to be announced soon. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Chuffed that Foxhunting will now open the show... what a great line-up! :up:

Foxhunting, despite the name, doesn't actually partake in the killing of carnivorous vulpines. Instead, he's a teenage singer-songwriter from the barren north of Scotland, writing fresh and catchy (and often violent) folk-pop. He's in the middle of recording a second EP in his bedroom with a laptop. Foxhunting WOW-ed everyone at our Withered Hand gig in January - definitely one to watch on the local scene.



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Tune Yards reviews go look for some amazing reviews & you can click the reviews

Reviews of w h o k i l l by tUnE-YaRdS, collected by Any Decent Music

Tune Yards live shows are even better than her studio work, thats why she's selling out show allover US just now live reviews from there to follow

Look at the current releases Tune Yards is leaving behind

Recent music reviews & album reviews by Any Decent Music

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There are posters up with conflicting dates, by the way - the ones with the photos of Merrill say the gig's on the 24th, while the album art ones say 14th. Still 14th, yeah?

Yes defo Tuesday 14th June we spotted the date error & new IMP posters going up.....

thanks to those who have bought tickets so far, check the Any Decent reviews above

some quite astonishing things being said....:up:

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1UP allocation of tickets now down to the last ten as of early afternoon today, once they have gone online tickets & cash on the door only

Its massively pleasing that people have supported this show & bought their tickets via 1UP

who need all our support.

you will not be disappointed..............

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