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Mike Patton sings on new Bjork Album...

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Bjrk to release new studio album Medlla on August 30th


beats - Rahzel, Shlomo and Dokaka

vocals - Bjrk, Mike Patton, Robert Wyatt, Gregory Purnhagen, Tagaq, Icelandic + London choirs

songwriters - Bjrk, Sjn, Olivier Alary, Tagaq, Jrunn Vidar & Jakobna Sigurdardttir, e.e. cummings

programming - Valgeir Sigursson, Mark Bell, Little Miss Specta, Matmos, Jake Davies, Olivier Alary, Bjrk


01 Pleasure Is All Mine

02 Show Me Forgiveness

03 Where Is The Line?

04 Vkur

05 ll Birtan

06 Who Is It

07 Oceania

08 Submarine

09 Sonnets / Unrealities XI

10 Desired Constellation

11 Ancestors

12 Mouth's Cradle

13 Mivikudags

14 Triumph Of A Heart

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Guest allsystemsfail

Anyone else remember Bjork's 80s outfit KUKL? They released two albums - Holidays In Europe and The Eye, both appearing on Crass Records.

Wanna find out more? Here's some info: http://www.southern.com/southern/band/KUKLL/

This is a little off topic I know, but was curious as to whether any folks out there knew them too.

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