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Fancy Being An Extra?

Oedo 808

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Don't think I'll be available as an extra, but it sounds pretty intriguing. Will have to try and get along to this as a spectator/terrified participant though.

Also, hijacking your thread here (I do apologise) but on a similar note, I've been posting this all over and am having no luck. If anybody knows anyone who'd be up for this, please let me know:

I'm making a ten minute film about rubbish superheroes who work in a bookshop. The goal is that it will be a comedy, but if nobody laughs, we'll claim it was supposed to be a hard-hitting drama all along.

I am looking for a female to play the role of 'Janet', who is a young, slightly strange and (I hate this word... but can't think of anything else) "quirky" character. If you're interested or would just like to know any more information, please feel free to get in touch: kirstenin[at]hotmail.com

Hoping to film 9th-16th April or thereabouts.

Thank you!

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