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Voco & imp: Malcolm Holcombe + Davy Cattanach @ Peacock Visual Arts, Sat 12 March

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Saturday 12th March

Peacock Visual Arts

6 from 8pm


As part of the 'No More Soundcheck' series of unplugged gigs in the Peacock Visual Art, we are pleased to present Malcolm Holcombe from the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Malcolm is regarded by the contemporary US and European folk/americana community as a performer, story-teller and songwriter of international stature. Few performers hurl themselves into their music with the physical and emotional abandon similar to Holcombe. He moans, grunts, groans and smacks his lips embellishing his americana-esque songs. Imagine the hurt and brusied result of a fight between John Prine and Tom Waits.

Malcolm's brilliance was obvious to a core of fans and some attentive music journalists, but so were the self--destructive tendencies that floated around this mercurial man

like wraiths. It was worrying at times that he would be added to the 'What Might Have Been' pantheon with Hank Williams, Jaco Pastorius and Charlie Parker. He is now many

years sober, performing worldwide and happily married to a woman who manages his schedule and keeps his inner garden clear for the work. He retains his quirky,

fascinating character, and he writes in spasms of energy and clarity, producing visions that hover between earthy solidity and rustic mysticism playing with rhythmic

pounce and sings with psychological fire.

He is cryptic, demanding, polarizing, bold, passionate and free, a combination badly needed in our time of infinite trivia. Hes even more interesting for having made a remarkable journey of recovery and discovery.


"Not quite country, somewhere beyond folk, a kind of blues in motion, mapping backwood corners of the heart." (Rolling Stone)

"Few singer/songwriters hurl themselves into their music with the physical abandon that Malcolm Holcombe displays on his latest album. Beyond the gravel voice and high-intensity arrangements featuring his guitar, he moans, grunts, groans and smacks his lips, embellishing the brilliant songs of a mercurial spirit." (Billboard Magazine)

"Malcolm Holcombe's voice is like a punch in the face. Holcombe is so intense that he packs more into that five-pack than most do in a career. Holcombe's theory of songwriting cuts through the crap." (The Independent Weekly)

This timeless collection of songs would fit just as easily around a 19th century campfire as in today's alt country scene." (Performing Songwriter)

"It's that old school blues feel, coupled with poetic images of blue-collar life, that gives Holcombe's music so much power and has earned him such high praise...writing songs that feel as real as small-town newspaper stories and as timeless as lullabies." (American Songwriter)

"Malcolm Holcombe sings in a gruff and dusty voice harsh with experience. But theres a wisdom to his delivery, and a brittle beauty to his rootsy tunes, that makes his music a pleasure to listen to." (New York Daily News)

"The rare songwriter whose lyrics work as poetry as well as they do songs, Holcombe uses words to paint images that are often abstract but always connect on an emotional level." (Nashville Scene)

"From the first note I was drawn in. Malcolm Holcombe is an old soul and modern day blues poet. He is a rare find." (Lucinda Williams)

Malcolm Holcombe

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