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That's right, only two more Elizium nights before we leave out spiritual home of two years!

So, if you've always fancied popping down to see what it's all about, you have two final opportunities...

Saturday the 7th and 21st of August, 11pm till 3am, Dr Drakes.

Then we'll be taking a hiatus for a while, and return eventually in a new home (hopefully).

We'd like to thank Drakes for letting us crash there for so long, and wish them the best with their continuing superb efforts to get so many top quality bands up to Aberdeen!

Elizium, the alternative's alternative!

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One of the main reasons for this happening is that we are changing the hours that we are officialy open for business... Becoming more of a pub! Reducing the late hours at the weekend, opening in the afternoons, Thurs-Sat. These are the first of many changes that will see Dr Drake's grow(n)ing in all sorts of ways. So if anyone hears any negative rumours about DD''s please ignore them. We are on the up! It will take a little time but good things lie ahead. Fucking hard graft though....

We will continue to, and allow others to, bring the best in new and cutting edge music to Aberdeen...


:up: :] :cheers::band::music::D

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