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The Cat Empire

Johnny Mac

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Anyone heard of/like this band? They are Australian and playing the Edinburgh fringe soon.

I have to warn all of you that they are not heavy at all. Infact they don't even touch on the 'emotional' themes that are rife in alternative music these days; the general gist that runs through most of the album is having fun.


'The 'Empire have managed to combine Madness-esque Ska with jazz with hip-hop with break beats with reggae, and instead of sounding like a pretentious piece of mumbo-jumbo they actually sound incredible.

The only album they've released ("The Cat Empire) is a tribute to their amazing energy that they pump out at their live shows (although i've not been to one, this is what i've been informed by various fans...)'

I can say this: if you like jazz, ska, skate punk, anything that involves feeling really really good or anything summery, then listen to these guys - you'll be impressed.


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