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Top young punk bands at Drakes, 11th August


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OCD: Melodic hardcore punk from the mean streets of Moray

3 Times Round: grungy pop punk from Tayport who have recently been interviewed in the Sunday Post

Unbroken Silence: New young punk band from Aberdeen

+ The Upstarts (TBC)

@ Dr Drakes, Aberdeen

Wednesday 11th August 2004

doors 8pm, 3 entry

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OCD - melodic??! Well, I suppose our old stuff is... but these days we write darker, doomier, thrashier, crustier, grindier, faster stuff. I can't wait until we play "Better Dead Than Red?" live! :up:

You forgot to mention that we're political, Kirk... who knows, there might be someone out there that'd come and see us if they knew if we were political when they might stay at home if they thought we were apolitical numpties... ha...

Seriously can't wait, though! :band:


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So what's everyone's opinions on last night?

Good or bad decision to put the 2 acoustic guys on first and the 2 loud bands on last?

What did everyone think of each band?

I'm interested to know everyone's opinion on O.C.D. and the set we played... be honest... I myself think we played a tad disappointingly... great fun anyway though!


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