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Soda Jerk

Graffiti Goggles

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Go there. Drag the "Goggles" button onto your shortcut bar on your browser.

Then go to a website of your choice. eg. BBC - Homepage

Then click Goggles on your shortcut bar. Then you can draw all over the site, and it saves it for anyone else viewing that site with goggles (unless someone erases it, which anyone can do)

Popular sites like Newspaper sites and such have already been covered. Pretty fun to surf around and see what havoc has been wreaked on sites. The Apple site is currently my favourite. It's mostly swear words and cocks jizzing on an iphone. Though The Sun website someone has written "Down with this sort of thing" which was quite amusing. Have a go.

EDIT: Doesn't work in IE apparently. Just Firefox and Chrome.

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Being at work is fairly shit, being stuck on IE and all.

Any chance if you find / draw some excellent graffiti somewhere, you could screenshot and post it, (either here or in the LOL pix thread) brighten my day a little.....

Pretty pleeeease :rolleyes:


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