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Disco Riot! New Saturday Indie Night!


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Why the two month wait for the night to start? Isn't this going to cause a morale issue with the people who currently have the Saturday night slot upstairs in Liquid?

The two month wait is to build up a massive following and to get as much feed back as possible to make the night as appealing as possible.

As for a morale issue issue, all i know is my boss who runs liquid wants to give this a try. I already told him that i didnt want to upset anyone who is currently dj-ing, but he feels making the this an indie night will pull in a new crowd/bring my current new noise crowd back in on a friday.

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To be honest, that's going to be a huge waste of time and energy. There's either a market for yet another indie/alternative night on a Saturday or there isn't, and no amount of customer research/feedback is going to change the size of your crowd one little bit. In the meantime, your competitors have got plenty of scope to build up their own customer bases while you're sitting on your hands.

Hmm, interesting. I'd be wary of stretching the New Noise crowd out over two nights, though.

I respect your veiw point on this dave but you cant just make a night pop out of nowhere and expect people to come. Also anything that the compition do between now and the 26th would only benefit me as i will have time to change door entry / drink prices for the launch.

The main reason i am doing this is because i get asked every day to do new noise on a saturday. I know for a fact that about 80% of the crowd would come back so why not give them something else on a saturday thats different?

I guess at the end of the day its either going to go one of two ways. And after getting new noise and faith going i am willing to take my chances with this.

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So why not just do New Noise on Saturday then, if you think it would be so popular? Surely that wouldn't take a seven week build up? If you're planning an actual indie night, and not just a cheesy pop night with some rock songs thrown in, it's best to remember that the most important things are the music and the venue, not the door charges or the drinks prices. Meanwhile, your competition has got seven weeks to try and snap up as much of your New Noise crowd on Saturdays.

I just think it's a very odd move by Liquid, I know in the past when they've been struggling for punters they've reached for the indie option. I'm surprised to hear they're having problems on Saturdays now.

I can see your point about doing new noise on a Saturday but I don't want to do the same things two days in a row. I can also assure you with the djs I will be using this will be a proper indie night.

Liquid isn't struggling at all so I don't know were you get your facts from , 900 and 1000 Last Friday and Saturday dosent sound like struggling to me?

Can I ask a question dave, do you per chance dj at exodus on a Saturday?

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I hate Liquid and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. It doesn't matter what you put on there I won't be going.

I respect this dude. I personally love Envy (the upstairs part of liquid) It has an under rated charm about it as a club night and i have had some great nights in there over the past 6 months.

On the flip side i can understand why people wouldnt want to go there. But i wouldnt be much of a promoter if i didnt try to bring people into the club and let them judge for themselves.

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So what makes you think doing something different to New Noise on Saturday will attract that crowd? You seem to be sending out mixed messages here. You're being asked by the crowd for more of the same yet you're not giving it to them. Strange logic.

Not even capacity, then. Worrying, especially on a busy weekend.

And yes, I do DJ at Exodus. I thought that was common knowledge round these parts. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Dude it might be a few hundred off capacity bit it's more than any other nightclub in Aberdeen.

I thought you might have been but I wasn't too sure.

We clearly have different views on things and I respect your opinion. At the end of the day this night is going to happen and it's outwith my control. I'm just doing what I've been told to do.

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Do they really give you control over the drinks prices?

To a degree, its not as black & white as i may have made it seem. As you will know there are laws that we need to adhere to. But if i think there are drinks that would help get people in if they are lowered, actions can be taken to lower the price of them. Hope that makes sense.

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