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Frosty Jack

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It's a weighted dance hoop, and learning how to spin it then roll it across my chest or back of the neck requires a lot of room. My living room is big, but it's not big enough to not damage something if I fuck up the trick. My friend is a performer and she made my hula hoops for me, and with the nice weather I've been able to go outside and practice the moves that need more space.

Basically look up hula hoop tricks on youtube and you'll see what I'm on about. SaFire and HoopGirl seem the most popular.

Two questions i'm sure everyone wants answered:

1. Do your boobs get in the way?

2. How big is your hoop?

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Call of duty modern warfare has a great storyline as does modern warfare two, but you're not going to get anywhere on multiplayer on those two because only the pro's still play them. But i played those storylines like three times each. Highly recommend if you fancy First-person shooter.

Ignore this ca gere. The stories are mince! Gameplay is good though and multiplayer is ace.

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i can't abide scotch pies, peppery mess of a thing. The worst part are the grizzly chunks of cartilage that you can't seem to chew. gadz min !

all cat food and dog food is safe for human consumption I'm told.

ever tried bacon grill?


Too right, though it was called Bacon Sizzle at my local Netto when I was a kid. Loved the stuff. If my mum or dad were ever feeling adventurous, they'd cover them in batter and make knock-off Spam fritters. I've probably got diabetes.

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Scotch Pies are ace..... as long as you get decent ones, and you MUST heat them in the oven (not so nice when cold).... Steak Pies are ace too, warm, with mushy or processed peas and a smidgen of mint jelly/sauce.....

My favourite atm has to be Melton Mobray Pork Pies (lovely pastry, but a bit high in the old calories!) with aformentioned peas/mint....just incredible !

(maybe this should be in the Om nom nom thread ?,,,, )


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