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Instrument thread


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am ah playin' the geetar.

Here's ma gear:


ENGL Thunder amp

Tokai Les Paul

Charvel Telecaster

Yamaha SG

Boss Tuner Pedal

Boss Line Selector

+ Marshall Shredmaster and a Big Muff, both of which are busticated.

Started playing in 5th Year at School (before the internet!) am now 22, so about 7 years. I can play some tapping stuff, and some nice blues scale leads, but I prefer making up solos that fit the song, so to speak.


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Guest scott cs.

i play Bass, have done since christmas day 2002, so not that long really. i have a Peavey Milestone, hardest thing i can play?hmm.....96 quite bitter beings maybe, it's not all that hard, but i prefer to write my own tunes. like to mess around with blues scales tho and i can improv things that sound good. well to me anyways.

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My gear is


Musicman Stingray

Warwick Corvette Standard

Ibanez SGR 5-string

Stagg Fretless


Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone Explorer

1984 Tokai Strat

Aria ProII - The Cat!!


Fender Bassman 135 with 2x15 cab

Trace Elliot V-type valve bass combo

Trace Elliot BLX80

H/H Bassbaby head

Marshall JCM2000 DSL401

Laney AFT(?)100

1975 Marshall Artiste


Marshall Shredmaster

Boss eq

Boss digital delay

Boss turbo overdrive

Danelectro Fabtone

EBS Octabass

Yamaha flanger

Arion stereo phaser

Cry Baby wah

Zoom amp simulator

Zoom bass multi-effects

Korg tuner

I've been playing for 17 years, although I did get my first guitar at 3!! I don't think that there is a "best thing" that I can play, although I'm most propud of being able to play Revolution 1993 by Jamiroquai on bass, and the live Randy Rhodes solo from Mr Crowley on guitar :up:

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Guest Salty

i played piano for about 6 or 7 years but stopped a couple of years ago. no idea what make my piano was but it was victorian with ivory keys and it played like a gem. um probably my best piece on piano would be fur elise or some jazz stuff, that was what i usually played. theres a tune called bread and butter, dunno if anyone's heard of it but it was pretty tricky stuff, like grade 8 so w00t.

er guitar, kinda, only got it at xmas, its a squire strat and quite frankly its crap. best thing i can play? blue carolina by alkaline trio but hitchin' a ride always sounds good although it is really easy and was my first tune i could play.

i'm getting a bass soon aswell, probably an ibanez, not sure which one yet though.

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Ibanez SR300DX


PRS Santana SE V2 w/ trem


Marshall 50watt solid state combo from late 80's/early 90's but I will be upgrading to an all valve amplifier in the next few months.

Effects and Gizmos

Electro Harmonix Big Buff USA Pi

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

Korg Pandora PX4 which I use for practicing with headphones/along to tracks


I've been playing bass for 2 years now though my real interest is definatly in playing the guitar. I've been messing about with my Dads guitars on and off for a while but I took the plunge and bought myself a guitar in March. This means that I have only been playing for 5months but because of my previous encounters with guitars I have picked up a lot of new stuff pretty quickly. I can't wait to hear myself in a year as I have been putting a lot of hard work in.

I've only recently begun learning songs in their entirity so I don't think I could name something that is particularly hard. However I have been getting my teeth in Joe Satriani's "Summer Song" which has some very tricky pieces...some too tricky just now.

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ESP Ltd hybrid-300 (fantastic guitar, needs better pickups though)

Ibanez SA160QM

Freshman Acoustic


Park 10w practice amp (10 years old still going strong)

Laney HCM120R (solid gig machine)

Been playing guitar for almost 10 years. There isn't a best thing I can play as I only really play covers to warm up at home, prefer to write my own stuff as it's more interesting to me.

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i play bass guitar.

been playing for about a year and a half.

i own 1 bass, its a ventura, some old bass, ive never seen before. however im saving up for a fender jazz (if any one has one or knows any own that is selling a second one can you contact please!)

i play through an old peavey amp, its a MK III or something. nae bad

I use a boss blues driver pedal and a zoom pedal for volume and tuning and stuff.

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i play guitar mainly, and have for three and a half years, though i really need so sit down and practise properly more

as for my gear...


a BC Rich NJ neck thru Assassin, this is my main guitar at the moment


my other guitar, a marshall strat copy (i got it in the marshall 'rock kit')

i rewired the pickups, so ther is now a volume for each pickup and the 5 way selecter is wired as a kill switch, im not sure whether it was the new pots and wiring, or the new circuit layout, but this made a vast improvement in the sound

apart from that its stock, well apart from the nut which i broke and got replaced)


this is the secection of pedals i currently have, including- Dunlop tremolo/volume, Dunlop GCB-95 crybaby, Zoom tri metal, ProCo RatII, Marshall BB-2 bluesbreaker, Marshall VT-1 vibratrem, home made feedback loop, home made A/B, home made kill box, and at the top there is my amp footswitches (marshall and vamp) and the power supply


this is my amp, a Marshall JCM2000 DSL401, which i love, i have not yet heard an amp i like as much, though i would love a Marshall 1974 combo...

i also play the banjo, and own a fender FB-55 banjo, though i have yet to start learning properly

i have also recently started playing about with a keyboard a little bit, and would love to get hold of a better keyboard for playing about with (i am currently using a little toy one...)


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I've been playing guitar for 9 years, bass for 8, keyboard for 8, drums for 7, mandolin for 7 and cello since last November. I can also play a bit of banjo, ukulele and flute. Guitar and bass are my main instruments. I have to much stuff to list it all but my favourite guitars are my 2 Gibson Les Paul Deluxes, my Turner acoustic guitar and my Fender Precision bass. I cant really do anything that impressive on guitar but I passed Advanced Higher Music at school and passed an HNC in Music Performance at College and for both of those your playing needed to be grade 6 or above.

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I have been playing the guitar for 8 years i suppose... the stuff i've collected in that time is:

Seagull Acoustic (can't remember the model)

Marshall JCM 900 SL-X 100watt with a 4x12 floor cab

Fender Mex/USA Tele

Fender Jap 57 reissue Strat

Fender Jap Jaguar, modded so it has a gibson bridge and tailpiece, plus humbuckers fitted

epiphone les paul junior, new bridge and tuners

epiphone les paul hollowbody, fitted with seth lover pickups

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Knackered squier bass

Pedals, hmm...

EH nyc big muff

EH worm

EH russian small stone

EH USA small stone

EH memory man deluxe - original 70's

EH electric mistress - original 70's

EH micro synth, in need of repair

EH clone theory, in need of repair

EH Doctor Q

Mutron Phasor, odd thing but it sounds great

Marshall vibotrem or whatever it's called

danelectro reverb pedal

I've also got a shit drum machine (it's a zoom) and a tascam 424 mkIII and a pod 2.0.

I think that's everything.

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Guest ForbiddenFruitcake

i've played clarinet for 6 years, i love it to bits, i have my best one so far right now, a vintage boosey and hawkes regent. i couldn't say what the best thing i can play is...some strange czechoslovakian tune

i also play bass, (epiphone thunderbird) but only for a few months and i'm really not progressing much at all :( my favourite thing to play is 'bandages' by hot hot heat

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played guitar for about 3 and a half years now, own an Epiphone Sheraton and a Takemine acoustic. best thing i can play? ermm, not sure

i can also play piano which ive been playing on and off over the last 5 years or so. best thing i can play? probably something by Dmitri Kabeleski, a great Russian composer.

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Ive been playing bass for 3 years now. I have a peavy milestone 3. Can't really think what the hardest thing i can play is. Maybe All ARound THe World or Give it Away by red hot chili peppers. I prefer making up my own basslines than learnign songs by bands I like.

I also play guitar a tiny bit but need lessons really. I have a tanglewood accoustic and an ibanez artcore. Been playing for about a year or 2. I can only mostly play chords and some melodies but like I said need lessons.

Lastly I have a eb tenor horn. Completely forgotten its make. Been playing on and off for 5 years and teh hardest thing I can play is some fairground tune but forgotten what its called.

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Played Violin since 1993 (got to about Grade 5/7 now because I'm lazy), Guitar properly since Sep 2001 (Bass came naturally while I learned guitar, about Grade 6 at least on guitar playing wise) and the Casio Vl-Tones are just a novelty really since they are only tiny keyboards (I did play keyboard from 2000 to 2002 roughly)

I'll do an equipment list later

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ah my good friends matthew and camie, you both know me hahaha .........rightie i own 4 guitars a Westfield acoustic and a Westfield Electric/Acoustic i own a fender Telecaster and i also own a ESP/LTD H-100 , i have stuck an EMG-81 set in since i'm a huge metallica fan lol, it has schaller machine heads. i also own a ToneWorks AX1500G effects pedal (dont hit me) and a Marshall MG 15 CDR ( i know its crap) thats about it hopefully a strat will work its way into my proud collection ..... peace!

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Hmmm, I've had a guitar for about 4 years or so, but only started properly playing about 4 months ago, actually sitting down and playing y'know? Best thing I can play? I'm not sure - I can play some petrucci/malmsteen style licks. And I've started working on sweeping, my first sweep - a six stringer built for shreddage extreme :bat:


Epiphone Les Paul (DiMarzio Super Distortion as the bridge pickup)

Yamaha Pacifica 112

Peavey Route 61 acoustic

Hmmm, I never ever play the acoustic for some reason. It's not shred enough for me.


Peavey Renown 400 (twin speaker 50 watt, kinda old)

Stagg 10 watt piece of shit practice amp

Marshall Stack, 2 watts. :rolleyes:

Some unknown amp that is very tiny and intensely cute, yet shite.


Boss CS/3 Compressor Sustainer

Boss PW/10 waaaaah pedal

Marshall JH1 Jackhammer.

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Due to lack of things to do I gues I might as well enter my details into this thread.

Musical Experience

I've played the guitar for 2 years this month, and I'm still as shit as the day I picked it up.



B.C Rich Mick Thompson Signature Worlock (Alpha Edition (ie, the shite one))

Ibanez RG7420 (7 string)

Ibanez S470DX QM


Boss DM-3 Delay

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion

Boss PW-10 V-Wah

Ibanez DS7 Destortion


Marshall MG 15DFX

Playing habbits

Em... well, I mostly play my own shit now adays. Most impressive thing I can play is probably 43% Burnt by The Dillinger Escape Plan. Only learned the song completely today and taking me a little while to get the song learnt and a whiel longer to get it all set out right. The most impressive thing I've written is a song for Evac which is currently called song 3, as it is our third song and we had to give it a title of some sorts even if it was just a working title. Unfortunately, I can't play it that well, which is very strange considering the fact I wrote it. I just can't get the fucker up to speed. Meh, I suck at guitar anyways.

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les paul std, schecter diamond series with dimarzio pickups, yamaha classical and electroacoustic, yamaha bass, ex7 keyboard. i've stolen my flatmate's double bass and have a couple of mics and a not bad pc cubase setup. And a shit peavey amp and a jcm 900 100 watt combo. Party pieces are eruption and bach's fugue in d on slap bass

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iv been playing guitar for about ermmmm 5-6 years - i own a ibanez rg 270 , a yellow aria pro mega metal 2 with holes in it , a classical guitar, a rancher acoustic and im currently waiting on a epiphone joe pass emporer from ebay...i got a merit on my grade 8 recently and the most impressive thing i can play is "all that small things" by blink

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i started with the hapsicord when i was 8 for almost a year than i moved to the piano for again almost a year

for the instrument which i love/ed

cello i have a stradivari copy (proudly made by ma dad)

than 14 years ago i started on the bass

this is me with my little baby a custom made 6 string with a lovely nechthrough :up:


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