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Blatant guitar wanker video - KCHGH


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KCHGH haven't done much in a while. Probably as it takes 13 months to write one "riff". :laughing:

Figured to record a video of one of the songs from our debut EP whilst warming up to write some new stuff, as I picked up a Zoom Q3 HD recorder. I guess this video showcases what the KCHGH stuff is like (if you haven't heard it before), how good the Q3 HD is in terms of video quality and also the sound quality of the unit (2 condenser mics - basically a Zoom H2 with HD video ;) ).

Comments welcomed!

You can check out more of our stuff at KCHGH :up:


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Guest idol_wild

You are better at playing guitar than I am.

Your left arm looks like it's part of its own video, speeded up.

The thing about posting impressive clips of yourself playing guitar like that is THAT IT REALLY MAKES PEOPLE WANT TO KNIFE YOU for being so gosh darn good. :up:

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