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July playlist - jungle meets blues via dub


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Whats your July playlist ? - here is mine...

a heady mix of blues, jungle, dub and weirdness this month

Chess Records Blues 2 LP compilation

Sh@tmat - Killababylonkutz

Primal Scream - Echo Dek

The Pixies - At the BBC

The Who - Who's Next ?

Trans Am - Liberation (great album but they are better live!)

Wackies - Lovers Rock (female rootsy reggae unlike the title suggests)

GBVoices - Under the bushes, under the stars

The Magic Band - Peel Session 2004

Great Moments in Vinyl History vol 1 - Andy Kershaw LP

Rough Guide to Lucky Dube (still dont like it but wanted to review it)

Soundmurderer - Wired for sound

Lee Perry - Voodooism

PS I should have Alien Lines by GBVoices on this list but a certain Ebayer seems to have ripped me and many others off

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Mine has been mostly made up of :

The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole

Khanate - Things Viral

Tegan & Sara - If It Was You

Shystie - Diamond In The Dirt

Bitch Alert - ...Rrriot

3 Colours Red - The Union Of Souls

Slipknot - Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses

Cold - Year Of The Spider

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Muse - Absolution

HIM - And Love Said No

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu:36 Chambers

Scientist - Rids The World Of The Curse Of Evil Vampires

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

Notably one or two T In The Park artists in there during the buildup to the festival :)

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Scientist - Rids The World Of The Curse Of Evil Vampires

I've not got this but have the boxing one (Heavyweight Dub Champion), the pacman one (Meets the Space Invaders) and Scientific Dub which is on Clocktower Records. If you like his work check out the better Lee Perry / King Tubby albums....

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