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My XBox broke


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I didn't have any reciepts on mine but customer service didn't seem to require them. That was RROD mind, so xbox were automatically counting that problem as being 'their fault'.. it's worth trying though if it happens again, it's pretty plausible you'll just have to pony up the cost of a replacement disc reader and an hours labour -which can't be that much can it...?


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Definitely worth a punt!

Nothing ventured....

A friend of mine was taking some stuff to the dump in Stonehaven and picked up what looked like a perfectly good XBox 360 out of a skip.

It didn't work when he got it home of course, but he brassed it with Microsoft and got a new one free!

Needless to say he's now known as "Stig of the Dump" :laughing:

I think whilst the XBox 360 is a great idea and has arguably the better games, it's such an unholy, unreliable, noisy heap of shite that Microsoft will do anything to save further embarassment. My PS3 hasn't so much as skipped a beat in over 3 years (I've just jinxed it now, haven't I ? )

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I've always had mine like that. It looks better, and safer. It can't really fall over if it has already fallen over.

I've always had mine upright but the last one still overheated and died with an E74 error so it probably doesn't matter.

(the idea of it being upright giving more surface are/air circulation or something)

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