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Chromatic Tuner...


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During the 'terror set on saturday i left a brand new chromatic tuner on top of the bass amp, and when i went on the stage at the end of the night 'twas gone. Wouldn't mind getting it back as i've not even had it for one week yet and was wandering if anyone had seen/found it.

'Twas black with L.E.D.s for all the major notes and in between with one jack input and a mic. Cheers

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cant say Ive seen it, but ill have to wait till friday to ask our bassist (i think its his amp you were using) as hes out of the country till then, but I doubt he would mistake it for part of his gear as he used one of those boss white tuners

Im totally certain no-one will have nicked it as everone at the gig kinda knew each other so you'll probably find its fell down round the back of the stage or someones packed it up accidentally in which case someone will spot it and return it as soon as they realise

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