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Pop Band Needs Recruits


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A pair of songwriting guitarists are in need of some musicians to complete a band line up. Looking to play pop/rock with loud guitars basically.

What we require -

A drummer (if you are an ape who can bang on trash cans, you should also feel free to apply).

A bassist. Preferably someone who can pick out melodies rather than pump out root notes.

A Vocalist. You will also be required to write lyrics, as we can sometimes find that difficult. We're looking for someone who writes about interesting stuff, so please no sappy and vague romantic tributes. Would also be nice if your writing had a sense of humor.

A sax/trumpet player. It would just be nice, wouldn't it?

We already have plenty of songs written and are pretty driven to succeed. We are taking this seriously, so we would be looking for people who are pretty committed.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a PM (unless you like the wombats, in which case, don't).

Thank you!

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