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The price of the Meshuggah sig 8 is nuts, as is the scale length. $8000 would be £8000 if it ever reaches UK shores. You can get a top of the range handcrafted instrument made by some incredibly reputable luthiers for less than half of that! I had one of the 28.625" agile 8's and it was nearly unplayable to me (small hands :( ) so 29.4" would be hardcore. Agile go up to 30.625"'s on customs though IIRC, although that is more for 9 strings.

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I will probably be looking at replacing my old monitoring headphones pretty soon, possibly some studio monitors and i also need to pick up a Shure SM57 as well. I'm probably going to pick up Reaper as well on the recommendations of folks on here.

I'm still doing a lot of reading on the headphones and monitors (headphones will probably come first in all honesty) so i haven't decided on either, yet to decide on budget for either as well :/

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