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Hellfest Vol 3


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So the latest installment of the metal/hardcore fest DVD series is out - quick review:

Ace bands I knew already: Norma Jean, The Bled, OneLineDrawing

Ace bands I didn't Know: The AKAs, No Warning

Bands I don't like, but are AWESOME on this DVD: D.E.P (Dear god, the live stuff is BRUTAL!)

Rubbish bands: From Autumn To Ashes, My Chemical Romance

Frikkin' LOADS of pop punk on this tho', and what the FUCK are CKY doing there?

Seems the festival is branching out a fair bit, which seems a shame as the previous DVD was a cool snapshot of a scene. This one seems a bit more like a regular "festival".....

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I think it's healthy that they're branching out. As long as they keep booking brutal bands, I reckon it'll help keep the scene from becoming too insular and stale.

NB Most of the bands that weren't included on the DVD were really heavy hardcore bands...

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