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imp: Acoustic Ladyland + Min Diesel @ Cafe Drummond, 18 Dec

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interesting music promotions and Caf Drummond present


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Caf Drummond, Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR. Phone 01224 619930

Doors 8pm

Tickets 10+bf in adv / 12 on door

Available from One-Up Records, Belmont Street, Aberdeen. Phone (01224) 642662 or http://www.ticketweb.co.uk




In 2011, ten years after its birth, Acoustic Ladyland will reincarnate into a band with the same people but a new name. For these very special farewell concerts they will be playing old material as well as a glimpse of their new stuff - so if you want to hear Acoustic Ladyland live again, this is your last chance, as they promise they wont be playing those classic songs anymore after this.

There will also be a series of four nights at Londons Vortex where they will perform each of their four albums, with the original personnel and special guests.

For the rest of the tour expect an explosive set completely off the Richter Scale by this amazing band who are by turn ferocious and frenetic with the capacity to pare the instrumentation down to a raw and mininimal level. Their stunning ack-ack aural assualt features band leader Pete Wareham (vocals, tenor & baritone sax) alongside the internationally-acclaimed drummer Seb Rochford, Trio VDs Chris Sharkey (guitar) and Ruth Goller (bass guitar).

Destructive, brilliant and utterly thrilling, this is your very last chance to see these jazz punk legends live.

There will also be rare and exclusive merchandise for sale, and a free download of Ruths Gratitude remix available during the tour.



Mindie-rock! Alt-rock-slacker-slide-guitar-funsters Dinosaur Jr style, with one mission - to make music you groove to!


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oh and here's some stuff about Battery Face...

Featuring members of Copy Haho, Deathpodal and PVH, Battery Face are a sonic / melodies / rock / kraut explosion with one fierce aim: to make good times through sound.* Their first track, Lurch, is available as a free download from 09/12/10 as part of the Electropapknit Vol. 1 release - a compilation of DIY bands from around Scotland.??

Battery Face on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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Here's a review from earlier this week from one the four night stints @ The Vortex London

This is one of only two Scottish dates on the farewell tour.

Acoustic Ladyland review

Vortex, London

John Fordham

guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 14 December 2010 22.45 GMT

The bad news is that Acoustic Ladyland, the London band that burst out of the jazz box a decade ago with a mix of paint-stripping free-sax blasting and insolently punky rock'n'roll, is playing its final gigs. The good news is that this innovative, virtuosic and popular quartet's present lineup is staying together, with a new name and angle.

The band's popularity has been founded on a jazz awareness that embraces 1960s free-improv energies updated with a youthful relish for volume, pop hooks, and grime and garage-influenced rhythmic momentum. Technical glitches delayed the start of the Living with a Tiger set, which led to barside banter: if they didn't start, they wouldn't have to finish. Then Pete Wareham split the hum with a multiphonic tenor-sax squeal, and the group's familiar onrush of percussive sax figures, the potent Chris Sharkey's whooping guitar sounds, Ruth Goller's churning electric basslines and Seb Rochford's remarkable drumming followed. The band is a rhythm machine.

The set developed through shuddering rock riffs with farmyard-clucking sax themes, Pharoah Sanders-like banshee sounds over hammer-drill noises and chugging dance grooves for prolonged wah-wah rhythm-guitar trances. This volcanic lineup is certain to keep the heat up, whatever its next move.

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pumped for this

Sadly, due to the bloody weather, Acoustic Ladyland won't be here tonight (or Edinburgh tomorrow). Min Diesel and Battery Face will still entertain us for a mere 3. Acoustic Ladyland will re-arrange.

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