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'JJ Bull - Capital City' - music video

JJ 10 Easy Wishes

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I really like the song anyway, but that's a cute video. I'd probably say the dark nightclub/gig shots and car scene were a bit unnecessary but they don't detract much from the atmosphere created by the lovely illustrations and paper buildings. Good job!

I agree with that. I didn't think the gig stuff worked with the other things and the car scene added nothing to it as well. The song is good though. Nice work.

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there's no gig footage....

ooooooh actually you must mean the dark shots with all the neon light things, which I filmed in a house somewhere. It's interesting you think it's a gig actually, it was at a party and I really like how you can't really work out what is going on and all you see are little lights.

I actually really like those shots for all the bright lights - it gives a lot of contrast between bits. It also acts as a 'colouring in' part for the storyboard, rather than drawing what I was writing about. In my head it makes a lot of sense, but it might be 'film degree' sense and not actually real-life sense. I dunno.

Anyway, thanks for watching it, I think you'll all think i'm talking pish

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